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220VAC IP67 Dimmable Flicker Free T12 LED Poultry Light

Flicker free LED poultry lights are specially designed for flooring chicken, broiler layer rearing & production houses

• 220Vac LED poultry lights support smooth dimming from 0-100%
• Flicker free LED lights with dimmable function
• With cable for series connection
• Highly efficient LED poultry lights with 50,000+ hours lifespan
• Optimal light distribution
• IP67 and IP69K superior protection

Flicker is the term used for the rapid and repeated modulation of light output from a source. The principal source of flicker is the periodic variation in AC mains-operated lamp output at twice the AC frequency. Lamps operating on AC electric systems (alternating current) produce light flickering at a frequency of 120 Hertz (Hz, cycles per second), twice the power line frequency of 60 Hz (50 Hz in many countries outside North America). Essentially, the power is turning on and off 120 times a second (actually, the voltage varies from +120 volts to -120 volts, 60 times or cycles a second and is at zero volts twice in one cycle).
Why Chickens need flicker free light for better growth?
Poultry have keen eyesight and are much more sensitive than humans to light flickering. Chicken’s eyes can see the frequency lower than 205Hz.
The flicker free led light does not appear to flicker due to its inefficient thermal persistence, keeping the filament hot and masking the switch in the direction of the current. In contrast to this, LED responds instantaneously to changes in the power supply, so any effect of photometric flicker is obscured by electrical flicker, such as noise on the AC distribution lines or dimming an LED using pulse width modulation.
Hontech 220Vac LED poultry light is designed with flicker free LED driver. A flickering-free lighting environment helps the birds behave calmer, even when the light level is raised from dim to full light.


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