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220VAC IP67 Ammonia-Resistant T12 LED Swine Lighting

Hontech-Wins provides led farm light specially designed for pig house, our swing lighting boasts several features:

• Dimmable and flicker-free for a comfortable lighting experience for pigs
• Equipped with a cable for easy series connection
• Highly efficient LEDs with a lifespan exceeding 50,000 hours
• Provides optimal light distribution for maximum coverage
• IP69K & IP67 waterproof led lights which has excellent protection against dust and water ingress
• Amonia gas and other cleaning chemical resistance

Why LED farm light is good for pig/swine growth?
The physiology of the porcine eye suggests that the domesticated pig is best adapted for dim levels of natural light. Pigs have dichromatic vision; in the pig's eye, there are two sets of cones that give the animal peak wavelength sensitivity at 439 nm (blue colour) and 5566 nm (green colour). The photoreceptors in a pig's eye cannot detect the red colour (>650 nm).
Evidence shows that pigs have poorer colour perception than humans and, in particular, a reduced sensitivity to the red end of the spectrum. There is little research into the effect of coloured lights on pig production. In cases where red light has been used, pigs respond as though in darkness. One key benefit of LED farm light is the ability to dim the lights, providing dawn and dusk periods, reducing the competition for food when lights are switched on in the morning and reducing potentially startling effects when lights are switched on or off. Contact us for a quote for our swine lighting or other LED farm light solutions!


We are happy to offer the lighting plan for your house, Let’s know the specifications of your house and you will receive the customized lighting plan within 24Hrs

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