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ABOUT  US – Farm Lighting Manufacturer

The World Leader in Agricultural Lighting

Hontech-Wins was established in 2009 by Mr. Rodney Wei for development and production of LED Lights.As a LED lights supplier and LED dimmer manufacturer, Hontech-Wins has solid hardware and software R&D strength. The technical and management team core members have more than ten years of industry experience. We continue to improve animal welfare through professional quality and reliable lighting solutions and have become one of the world’s leading suppliers of lighting solutions for livestock.

Poultry lighting system suppliers

Professional Technical Support for Customer Projects

Our farm lighting products serve as reliable partners in helping you take care of your animals. Whether you are seeking a farm lighting solution or encounter after-sales technical problems, our professional experts and client service team will be readily available to assist you. We are committed to providing exceptional support and ensuring your needs are met every step of the way.


Your Trusted poultry lighting system supplier

Dedicated in farm lighting innovation to bring safety and efficiency to the farming industry.


Long History

Our rich experience made us clear about what do our clients and their animals need the most. All of the experience take us here to be the most reliable poultry lighting system supplier for you

Manufacturing capabilities

Products shipped, 120,000 units/month Space, 15000 squre meters, 2 factory in total Poultry, 400 units/month Pig, 250 houses/month

Advanced technology

With the help of our talented experts, we are committed to innovating and pushing the boundaries of poultry lighting systems, so far we have applied for 34 patents and are continuing to perfect your delivery

Our team

A total of 100 employees, including 20 R&D skillful engineers and 10 senior R&D engineers with 20 years of experience in the farm lighting design industry.

Development History


Hontech Wins was established in 2009, mainly focusing on the design and production of LED lights and LED drivers.


Mainly for commercial LED lighting.


Produce IP67 LED lights for commercial coolers and cooperate with Coco Cola, then more requirements on IP67 dimmable LED tube light. The first batch of poultry lighting systems was successfully tested in Australia's poultry farm.


The first dimmable poultry lighting system came out and was put on testing in Australian chicken farms. It solved the problem that other dimmers interfered with the external power grid at that time.


Mr.Rodney visited the engineer in Australia to discuss the product R&D and then upgraded the 0-10V timer controller with digitalization technology.


A new T12 LED poultry tube was introduced into the market, with better waterproof & dimming performance and heat dissipation, which extends the lifespan of the lights. In July 2015, we successfully developed the 3rd-generation dimmer and the 2nd-generation 0-10v time controller.


Entered into the Chinese domestic market. In Oct.2017, the 5th-generation dimmer and the 3rd-generation time controller were successfully developed and put into the market.


Created the patented harmonic trap, which solved the problem caused by capacitive load.


The 10th anniversary of the establishment of Hontech and moved to the new factory with 8000 square meters for production and office. In Nov. 2020, a PDU control panel was developed; it is a new technology for easy replacement and maintenance.


In May 2021, no voltage drop DC solution came out to solve the voltage drop when using 48Vdc lighting systems. In Oct. 2021, Hontech's 2nd factory in Jiangmen city, Guangdong, was established.


Hontech New Technology for DC48V no voltage drop 500W driver was launched in Eurotier Hanover, Germany, which allows the lights to be connected in series up to 140m from the beginning to the end without brightness changes.



Self-owned product testing laboratory, more than 20 sets of testing equipment, including integrating ball testing, high & low temperature testing, IES testing, stroboscopic testing, impact aging testing, etc. All for your flawless farm lighting delivery.

SMT Workshop

Own 6 pieces SMT automatic machine, independent patch, quality assurance, making sure your poultry lighting system are properly assembled.

Manufacturing Workshop

Hontech manufacturing workshop takes up to 15000 square meters in total and is capable of manufacturing 120000 farm lighting units per month.


We have a total of 100 employees including 30 R & D engineers, most of them have over 20 years of experience in farm lighting design industry.



We are happy to offer the lighting plan for your house, Let’s know the specifications of your house and you will receive the customized lighting plan within 24Hrs

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