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Hontech Wins: Illuminating Swine Farming with Cutting-Edge LED Solutions

In the world of modern agriculture, innovation is the key to success. Hontech Wins understands this all too well, and they’ve taken innovation to the next level with our IP67 waterproof LED lights solutions. Designed specifically for pig farms, these T12 LED Pig Tube Lights offer a range of features that can make a significant impact on farm efficiency, animal welfare, and overall productivity.

The Perfect IP67 waterproof LED Solution


  1. Plug & Play Connection: Farming is hard work, and nobody wants to spend hours trying to figure out complicated lighting installations. With quick and easy plug-and-play connections, our lights make installation a breeze.


  1. Simulate Sunrise and Sunset: Pigs, like many animals, thrive on routine. Our IP67 waterproof LED lights are dimmable from 0-10% smoothly, without any annoying flicker. This gradual transition helps keep the animals comfortable and can even be dimmed to just 1% – making it perfect for those early morning and late-night routines.


  1. Rugged Waterproofing: Farming conditions can be tough, and cleanliness is essential. That’s where the IP67 waterproof LED lights come in, allowing these lights to withstand high-pressure water jet washes. But we don’t stop there; our products also boast IP69K protection, offering perfect dust-proof and waterproof capabilities, withstanding even steaming cleaning processes.


Revolutionizing Farming with Hontech Wins’s LED Lights: Animal Behavior and Cost Efficiency


Long Lifespan and Low Lumen Depreciation: We have invested in the longevity of our LED lights. Their thin aluminum body design ensures better heat dissipation, and with an impressive L90B50 report result over 50,000 hours, you can trust these lights to go the distance.


Improved Animal Behavior and Cost Savings: Our IP67 waterproof LED lights have the power to optimize farm operations. By improving animal behavior through the simulation of natural lighting conditions, farmers can save on operational costs. Happy and comfortable pigs lead to more efficient farming.


Quality and Fire-Proof Materials: The safety of your farm and its equipment is paramount. We use 94-Save Lighting System and safe materials to ensure our products meet the highest safety standards.




In conclusion, our IP67 waterproof LED lights represent a giant leap forward in modern pig farming technology. With their state-of-the-art features, long lifespan, and emphasis on animal well-being, these lights can transform the way you run your pig farm. Make the switch to us and reap the benefits of efficient, comfortable, and cost-effective pig farming. Your success is our business, and with our products, it’s a bright future indeed!

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