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Hontech Wins: Transforming Animal Health and Productivity with Innovative Lighting Solutions

From the moment we wake up to the moment we sleep, we are surrounded by light. And yet, when it comes to animal agriculture, the role of light is often overlooked. However, Hontech Wins, a leading lighting solution provider, with unique approach to animal lighting solutions is revolutionizing the industry.

Animal Comfort: The Benefits of the Broiler Master’s Blue Light


Our solutions are designed to improve animal performance while enhancing their welfare. Our flagship product, the Broiler Master, is a specialized light designed for chickens that contains red, blue, and green colors in one light. This revolutionary design improves not only chicken health but meat quality too.


The Broiler Master’s unique combination of colors allows each hue to target a specific behavior or physiological need of the chickens. Blue color, for example, has a calming effect that reduces chicken movement, making it easier to catch and handle without causing stress or fear. Red color increases food intake and reduces feather pecking, a common behavior that can lead to cannibalism and poor plumage. And green color stimulates skeletal muscle satellite cells, leading to improved growth rates and meat quality at an early age.


Advanced Lighting Solutions


For layer houses, we have created the Layer Master, a warm white light designed specifically for egg production. This advanced system combines red, blue, and green colors to support not only chickens’ health but also their overall well-being. Blue color helps to calm chickens and reduces feather pecking; red color boosts food intake, enhances egg production, and promotes sexual development; and green color supports growth by enhancing the proliferation of skeletal muscle satellite cells and increasing egg quality.


Farming LED Lighting Solutions from our Lighting Application is changing the face of animal agriculture. By providing advanced lighting solutions that are specifically designed for different types of animals, we are helping farmers improve their operations while enhancing the welfare of their charges. The company’s flagship products—the Broiler Master and the Layer Master—are revolutionizing the way we look at animal agriculture by shining a light on its hidden but crucial element.


As a high-profile lighting solution provider, we believe that our story is not just about providing innovative lighting solutions but also about focusing on animal well-being. In an era where food production is constantly under pressure to become more efficient and sustainable, Hontech-Wins’s work highlights the importance of considering all aspects of animal care to achieve those goals.




From chickens to egg layers, Hontech-Wins Lighting Application is taking animal agriculture into the future—one that is healthier, more productive, and more compassionate. As the leading lighting solution provider in the industry, Hontech-Wins Lighting Application is showing the way forward—with a little help from a revolutionary approach to lighting.

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