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Hontech Wins:Transforming Swine Lighting for Productive Pig Farming

As a frontrunner in the field of swine lighting solutions, Hontech Wins is dedicated to transforming pig farming with our advanced LED lighting technology. Our specially designed 220VAC IP67 Ammonia-Resistant T12 LED Swine Lighting is tailored to meet the specific lighting needs of pig farms, providing optimal performance and numerous benefits for efficient pig farming operations.

Tailored Design and Optimal Performance for Pig Farms


At Hontech Wins, we understand that pig farms require lighting solutions that address the unique requirements of swine production. Our 220VAC IP67 Ammonia-Resistant T12 LED Swine Lighting is specially designed to meet these needs. With its dimmable and flicker-free operation, it creates a comfortable and stress-free environment for the pigs, promoting their well-being and reducing stress-related issues. The cable for series connection simplifies installation and setup, ensuring a hassle-free experience for farmers.


One of the key advantages of our swine lighting is the highly efficient LED technology. With a lifetime exceeding 50,000 hours, our LED lights minimize maintenance and replacement costs, providing long-term value for pig farmers. The optimal light distribution of our lighting system ensures comprehensive coverage, improving visibility and creating a conducive environment for the pigs’ growth and behavior. Additionally, the IP67 and IP69K ratings of our lighting solution offer superior waterproof and dustproof protection, making it durable and reliable even in demanding farm conditions.


Enhancing Swine Well-being and Farm Efficiency


Hontech Wins’ swine lighting solutions go beyond providing illumination. Our Plug & Play connection feature allows for quick and effortless installation, saving valuable time for farmers. The simulate sunrise and sunset functionalities of our swine lighting system create a natural lighting environment that aligns with the pigs’ natural behavioral patterns. This promotes animal comfort and well-being, ultimately leading to healthier and happier pigs.


The IP67 waterproof grade of our lighting system enables it to withstand high-pressure water jet wash, making cleaning and maintenance a breeze for farmers. Furthermore, the IP69K protection ensures perfect dust-proof and waterproof capabilities, even during steaming cleaning procedures, providing peace of mind and a hygienic farm environment. With the long lifespan and low lumen depreciation of our LED lights, thanks to the thin aluminum body that facilitates efficient heat dissipation, farmers can rely on our lighting system to deliver consistent performance and longevity.


By choosing Hontech Wins’ swine lighting solutions, farmers can optimize the value of their operations and increase production. Improved animal behavior, reduced stress levels, and enhanced well-being lead to healthier and more productive pigs. Moreover, the cost savings achieved through our energy-efficient lighting and minimal maintenance requirements contribute to the overall profitability of the farm. Our commitment to using quality and fire-proof materials ensures a safe and reliable lighting system that complies with industry standards.




When it comes to swine lighting solutions, Hontech Wins is the trusted partner for efficient pig farming. Our tailored design, optimal performance, and commitment to enhancing swine well-being and farm efficiency set us apart. With Hontech Wins’ swine lighting solutions, farmers can create an optimal lighting environment that promotes healthy pig growth, reduces stress, and increases overall productivity. Make the choice for swine lighting excellence and partner with Hontech Wins today.

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