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Hontech Wins: Revolutionizing Poultry Lighting with Flicker-Free LED Lights

Hontech Wins takes satisfaction in transforming the poultry lighting business with revolutionary flicker free LED lights. We offer ideal lighting solutions that promote animal welfare, production, and maintain a stress-free environment, with an emphasis on empowering poultry farms. Discover how Hontech Wins‘ cutting-edge technology and unrivaled experience are changing poultry lights.

Optimal Lighting Solutions for Poultry Farms


Our flagship product, the 220VAC IP67 Dimmable Flicker-Free T12 LED Poultry Light, stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence. Let’s explore the remarkable features that set it apart:


Smooth Dimming from 0-100%: With our LED lights, poultry farmers have complete control over lighting intensity, allowing them to customize the lighting environment to meet the specific needs of their flocks.


Flicker-Free Operation: We understand the importance of a comfortable and stress-free environment for poultry. Our LED lights eliminate flickering, creating a calm and conducive atmosphere for optimal growth and productivity.


Series Connection with Cable: Installation and flexibility are made easy with our series connection design. Poultry farmers can effortlessly connect multiple lights in a series, ensuring uniform illumination throughout their poultry houses.


Highly Efficient LED Technology: Our LED lights boast exceptional efficiency, delivering high-quality illumination while minimizing energy consumption. With a lifetime of over 50,000 hours, they offer durability and longevity, reducing maintenance costs for poultry farmers.


Optimal Light Distribution: Achieving uniform illumination is crucial in poultry farming. Hontech Wins’ LED lights provide optimal light distribution, ensuring that every corner of the poultry house is adequately lit, promoting the well-being and productivity of the flock.


 Enhanced Features for Flooring Chicken


Our LED poultry lights offer a range of benefits specifically tailored to flooring chicken:


Plug & Play Connection: Hontech Wins simplifies the installation process with a plug & play connection. Poultry farmers can quickly and effortlessly install our LED lights, saving time and resources.


Simulate Sunrise and Sunset Functionalities: To regulate animal behavior and ensure comfort, our LED lights can simulate the natural progression of sunrise and sunset. This feature helps establish a routine for flooring chicken, promoting healthy habits and reducing stress levels.


IP67 Waterproof Grade: Poultry farming environments can be demanding, with exposure to water and humidity. Our LED lights are designed with an IP67 waterproof grade, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging conditions.


IP69K Protection: Dust and steam cleaning are common in poultry houses. Our LED lights are built with IP69K protection, offering a high level of resistance against dust and withstanding rigorous steaming cleaning processes.


Long Lifespan and Low Lumen Depreciation: Hontech Wins’ LED lights are built to last. With a thin aluminum body that facilitates efficient heat dissipation, our lights have a long lifespan and experience minimal lumen depreciation, providing cost-effective lighting solutions for poultry farmers.




When it comes to flicker-free LED lights for poultry farming, Hontech Wins is the trusted choice. Our commitment to optimal lighting solutions, enhanced features, and superior performance sets us apart from the competition. By choosing Hontech Wins, poultry farmers can create a comfortable and stress-free environment for flocks, leading to improved animal welfare and enhanced productivity. Experience the difference that Hontech Wins brings to poultry lighting and unlock the full potential of your poultry farm.

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