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Hontech Wins: Illuminating Agricultural Success

Since its establishment in 2009 by Mr. Rodney Wei, Hontech Wins has been a leading provider of agricultural lighting solutions. Our story is a testament to innovation, quality, and exceptional service—all key ingredients for success in the rapidly advancing agricultural technology market.

Commitment to Quality: The Company’s Goal to Ensure Customer Peace of Mind


With operations spanning two factories—one in Shenzhen and the other in Jiangmen—our company covers a combined area of 15,000 square meters. Our company’s strong hardware and software R&D capability is matched by its seasoned core team, with over ten years of agricultural lighting solutions experience. These team members are passionate about product innovation and research in lighting control systems, seamlessly integrating product innovation with customer experience.


Our commitment to quality is unwavering, with a focus on attention to detail and a goal to ensure customer peace of mind when choosing us as their LED lights supplier. Our goal is to use its agricultural lighting solutions to improve animal welfare, enhancing the health and performance of animals while also meeting the needs of farmers.


Chicken Well-being: The Layer Master’s Advanced System


From chickens to egg layers, our agricultural lighting products serve as reliable partners in helping farmers take care of their animals. Our flagship products—the Broiler Master and the Layer Master—are specialized LED lights designed for different types of animals.


The Broiler Master’s multicolored light combines red, blue, and green colors that target specific behaviors or physiological needs of chickens. Blue color has a calming effect, reducing chicken movement and making it easier to catch and handle without causing stress or fear. Red color increases food intake and reduces feather pecking, a common behavior that can lead to cannibalism and poor plumage.


Animal Well-being and Productivity


For layer houses, Hontech Wins’s Layer Master is a specialized warm white light designed to support egg production. This advanced system also combines red, blue, and green colors to support chickens’ health and overall well-being. Blue color helps to calm chickens and reduces feather pecking, red color boosts food intake, enhances egg production, and promotes sexual development, while green color supports growth by enhancing the proliferation of skeletal muscle satellite cells and increasing egg quality.




In conclusion, Hontech Wins has established itself as a leading provider of agricultural LED lighting solutions. The company’s products—the Broiler Master and the Layer Master—are designed to improve animal performance while enhancing their welfare, meeting the needs of farmers and animal caretakers worldwide. With its commitment to quality, innovation, and exceptional service, Hontech Wins has become a trusted partner in the agricultural industry, illuminating the path to agricultural success.

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