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From Inception to Illumination: Tracing the Remarkable Journey of Hontech-Wins

Another recent report projects that the global market of agricultural LED lighting will grow with a CAGR of 17.8% from 2021 to 2028. Amongst these market booms come Hontech-Wins, the pioneer in the latest LED technologies and a leading manufacturer of reputation in lighting. Founded in 2009 by Mr. Rodney Wei, Hontech-Wins has turned out to be a very important constituent in the lighting industry. It is one pioneering and cutting-edge LED solution that lights up the global agricultural landscape.


Hontech-Wins company


The Genesis of Hontech-Wins

Hontech-Wins heralds a bold mission in the journey to redefine the lighting industry. Set up by Mr. Rodney Wei, the company aimed to provide quality LED solutions that would give value to the unique agricultural sector. Though there were a few teething problems along the way, like poor resources and stiff competition, these were things we managed to overcome. Finally, with hard work and dedication, we became successful. From such a meager start as a small start-up, Hontech-Wins has grown from one strength to another, and now we are the international brand in matters of quality and excellence.


Hontech-Wins Pig farm LED lighting


Brand Strength and Core Values

The heart of the success of Hontech-Wins is an unbending commitment to quality and innovation. Putting relentless focus on research and development, we continue to exceed LED technology with products that are unrivaled by the performance and reliability levels of our competitors. Moreover, we are customer-oriented and try to understand and meet the needs of each and every client. We have developed a brand by keeping an eye on customer satisfaction and using an approach that allows for the establishment of support for perennial business relations.


Hontech-Wins cow farm LED lighting


Illuminating Various Industries

The LED solutions of Hontech-Wins have revolutionized the way of implementing agricultural activities in the light of different industries like poultry and pig farming, cow cultivation, and even mushroom farming. Hontech-Wins, with customized lighting, allows enhanced production efficiency and animal welfare efficiency, hence boosting the farmer’s overall outcomes. More importantly, through the approach by Hontech-Wins being adaptive, we ensure that products meet diverse requirements in different markets, hence ensuring customers have good returns within the specified industrial segment.


mushroom growing light


Sustainability and Future Directions

Apart from the customer-based innovation focus, we are also committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. We are actively participating in the search for eco-materials and manufacturing processes to minimize our carbon footprints and our effect on the environment.

These efforts will permit Hontech-Wins to look forward to being a market leader in the LED lighting sector, preparing for future trends, and pioneering the development of new solutions to evolving market demand.


Hontech-Wins factory



As the world over demands newer solutions for lighting, Hontech-Wins stands ready to serve farmers and agricultural businesses. Boasting a record of quality, excellence, and commitment to innovation and sustainability, we put ourselves in a great position to be the leader in lighting manufacturer the future of agriculture.

Learn more about Hontech-Wins today and find out how our leading-edge LED solutions may be suitable for your next agricultural activity.


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