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How to Use Pig Lighting to Optimize Pig Welfare

There are many things farmers need to focus on to improve the overall results of pig framing. One of these key aspects is lighting, and it requires careful consideration. Proper pig lighting intensity and spectrum impact physiological changes in pigs, which is essential for pig welfare and performance. Investing in quality pig lighting can help farmers improve their profits and outputs. Read on to learn about the positive impact of the right swine lighting intensity and spectrum in various pig stages.

The Impact of Proper Pig Lighting on Different Pig Stages

Pigs are highly tolerant and adaptable to lighting. The right lighting intensity and spectrum are crucial because it directly impacts the pigs’ welfare and performance. Lighting affects pigs differently during their different production cycle stages. Here are some details:


The gestation stage is very crucial to pigs’ performance and well-being. In this stage, farmers should focus on providing adequate light intensity to ensure that pigs have good visibility to adapt properly to their environment. When pigs see and recognize their environment better, it is easier for them to find water and food and remain calm. Some key advantages of proper lighting intensity during this stage include the following:

  • Improved pig sight
  • Better environmental recognition and adoption
  • Helps the pigs remain calm
  • Makes it easier for pigs to find water and feed
  • Improves fertility for better overall results


The right lighting spectrum and intensity are also very important for pigs in the farrowing stage. It simulates their biorhythm and biological clock to ensure they feel better and perform well. It helps the pigs feel well-adjusted to the environment and makes them feel at ease, leading to improved energy levels. Here are the key advantages of proper pig lighting spectrum and intensity during the farrowing stage:

  • Stimulates the biorhythm and biological clocks of pigs
  • Makes the pigs feel at ease and well-adjusted to their surroundings
  • Optimizes pigs’ energy levels
  • Improves production performance


Like the gestation and farrowing stages, the nursery stage is extremely important in the pigs’ production cycle. The goal here is to maximize performance. Since pig lighting directly influences the nursery environment, using the proper intensity and spectrum can help farmers achieve this goal. The advantages farmers can expect from the use of proper lighting include the following:

  • Improved feed intake efficiency
  • Improved gilts growth
  • Optimal feed conversion rate
  • Contributing to healthy growing pigs

4.Growing and Finishing 

Correct lighting during the growing and finishing stage helps achieve maximum performance and welfare of pigs. When pigs have a well-lit environment, they will be improved to have desirable behaviors. It makes pigs feel more comfortable with their pen-mates. The advantages include the following:

  • Stimulates feed intake
  • Prevents undesirable behavior
  • Makes the finishers feel more relaxed and comfortable
  • Improves performance

Be Sure to Invest in the Right Pig Lighting

From the above information, it is easy to conclude that proper swine lighting is crucial in pig barns for the welfare and performance of pigs. The right dimmable LED light plays several key roles, such as:

  • It allows good inspection of pigs for husbandry practices.
  • It stimulates natural pig behavior for gestation, breeding, and farrowing.
  • It makes it easier for pigs to find water, food, and interact.
  • It helps them remain calm and adjust well to their surroundings.

To take advantage of all of these, you should invest in a quality lighting system. Fortunately, there are many reliable pig lighting suppliers available on the market. With years of experience in the agricultural lighting industry, we at Hontech-Wins know exactly what your farm lighting needs are. That’s why we have come up with products that will help you gain more control over your pig farming outcomes. With our lighting solutions, pigs can see better and feel at ease, leading to improved welfare and performance.

Since 2009, we have been a leading provider of quality agricultural lighting. We manufacture all our products to the highest possible international standards to ensure that our customers receive the best possible solution in terms of product lifespan, efficiency, animal welfare, and performance. Therefore, contact us to learn how we can deliver the lighting solution your farm needs to thrive.

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