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Hontech Wins Shines at VIETSTOCK 2023 Expo & Forum

The future of agriculture is brighter than ever, and Hontech Wins is at the forefront of this illuminating journey. Our commitment to scientific and technological innovation took center stage at the 11th edition of the VIETSTOCK Expo & Forum, held from October 11 to 13, 2023, at the Ho Chi Minh Convention and Exhibition Center. Under the theme of “Enhancing Sustainable Farming, Improving Food Security, Improving Biosecurity,” we showcased our dedication to providing more intelligent and efficient agricultural lighting solutions for the industry.

Hontech-Wins at VIETSTOCK 2023 Expo & Forum

What is the VIETSTOCK Expo & Forum All about?

VIETSTOCK Expo & Forum stands as a beacon in the landscape of agricultural exhibitions, representing Vietnam’s premier international platform dedicated to the feed, livestock, and meat industry. This event is hosted annually and is a convergence of agricultural professionals, experts, and businesses, offering a comprehensive showcase of the latest industry trends, technologies, and innovative solutions. VIETSTOCK Expo & Forum is not merely an exhibition; it’s an ecosystem that encompasses the entire farm-to-fork value chain, including feed, livestock, meat, and more.

VIETSTOCK Expo & Forum is a vital cornerstone in the agriculture industry’s calendar. It’s where the pulse of the industry is felt, where sustainable and efficient practices are nurtured, and where companies play an integral role in shaping the future of agriculture through innovative LED lighting for poultry houses. As agriculture evolves to meet the world’s increasing demands, VIETSTOCK stands as an essential event for those looking to stay at the forefront of this ever-changing industry.

Hontech-Wins at VIETSTOCK 2023 Expo & Forum

VIETSTOCK 2023: A Valuable Platform for Hontech-Wins

VIETSTOCK 2023 Expo & Forum served as an invaluable platform for Hontech Wins to engage with the global livestock industry. We had the opportunity to exchange knowledge, ideas, and best practices with professionals from around the world. The event allowed us to gain insights and contribute to the ongoing dialogue about sustainable farming, food security, and biosecurity.

Our presence at the VIETSTOCK 2023 Expo & Forum was marked by a comprehensive display. Our diversified product solutions and unwavering commitment to professional and high-quality services drew the attention of exhibitors and visitors alike. Hontech Wins garnered praise for its innovative approach and dedication to improving the agriculture industry through advanced lighting technology.

  • 220VAC Intelligent Lighting Dimming System

Hontech Wins was proud to present the 220VAC Intelligent Lighting Dimming System, a versatile lighting solution designed for poultry and livestock coops, showcased at the VIETSTOCK 2023 Expo & Forum. This intelligent dimmer system offers full automation or manual control, and it’s programmable for up to 999 days. It is divided into 24 modes and supports 24/7 lighting control. It’s an ideal choice for poultry and livestock coop lighting, delivering smooth and flicker-free dimming. With this innovative dimmer, you can create customized lighting programs tailored to the unique needs of your animals, ensuring a stress-free and productive environment.

  • 48V Dimming Power Supply

Highlighted at the VIETSTOCK 2023 Expo & Forum, Hontech Wins introduced the DC48V LED Dimming Power Supply, specifically designed for poultry coop DC lighting. This high-performance driver is characterized by its constant voltage output, active power factor correction, and no voltage drop, making it ideal for caging and aviary systems. It boasts an efficient and patent digital dimmable solution, ensuring precise and gentle lighting control. With universal AC input and a choice of output voltage, this driver is a key component in enhancing the safety and efficiency of your poultry coop lighting.

  • Dimming Flicker-Free Lighting Tubes

At the VIETSTOCK 2023 Expo & Forum, Hontech-Wins presents the 220VAC IP67 Dimmable Flicker-Free T12 LED Poultry Light, designed for poultry farming, including broiler and layer rearing and production houses. This innovative lighting solution offers smooth dimming and flicker-free performance, creating a calm and stress-free environment for your poultry. It’s designed with optimal light distribution and carries IP67 and IP69K ratings, ensuring durability and efficiency in various poultry applications. With a focus on flooring chicken and poultry rearing, this light is poised to enhance the well-being and productivity of your poultry operations.

Hontech-Wins at VIETSTOCK 2023 Expo & Forum

Looking to the Future

At Hontech-Wins, we measure our strength by the quality of our solutions and our commitment to service. Our journey doesn’t end here; it’s just the beginning. We’re eager to continue making strides toward a more sustainable and efficient aquaculture industry.

As we reflect on our experience at the VIETSTOCK 2023 Expo & Forum, we look forward to our next encounter with the industry, where we will continue to illuminate the path to a brighter, more sustainable future.

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