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Hontech-Wins – FAQs

About the company

1. What does Hontech-Wins do?

Hontech-Wins specializes in providing high-quality LED lighting solutions for agricultural facilities, including mushroom houses, poultry houses, pig farms, and dairy operations. Our LED lights are designed to improve animal welfare, enhance productivity, and promote energy efficiency.


2. Is there a way I can learn more about Hontech-Wins?

Of course! You can visit our official website at

to explore more detailed information about our company, products, and services.


3. Are there any differences between Hontech-Wins products and other brands?

Many people in the market lack an understanding of farm lighting, and many still use regular commercial lighting, which is not suitable for poultry farms. Other brands in the livestock lighting industry also use DC48V, whereas we are able to offer both AC and DC solutions. The AC solution addresses safety and anti-interference concerns, while the DC solution has developed a zero-voltage drop scheme and obtained relevant patents.


4. How does your brand ensure quality and consistency across its offerings?

Our core technical and management team members have over 25 years of industry experience, possessing strong software and hardware research and development capabilities. We ensure strict quality control measures throughout the entire manufacturing process. Our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet industry standards and agricultural environment requirements. This commitment to quality helps us provide consistent and reliable lighting solutions.


5. Does Hontech-Wins have any certifications or awards?

Yes, we are proud to hold various certifications that demonstrate our commitment to excellence and compliance. These certifications include CE, ROHS, SAA, SASO, UL, ETL, CB, and PSE.


General Questions

1. How can I get assistance if I need it?

You can contact Hontech-Wins’ customer service team through the contact information.

 Our dedicated professionals are available to assist you with any inquiries or support you require.


2. What are the Hontech-Wins product lines?

Hontech-Wins provides a wide range of LED lighting solutions for agricultural facilities, including mushroom houses, poultry houses, pig houses, dairy barns, and more. Our product lines include LED lighting, tube lights, bulbs, LED drivers, manual dimmers, and programmable dimmers.


3. What if I am unsure which product suits my barn or facility?

Our team is happy to guide you in selecting the optimal lighting solution for your application and facility requirements. Our team possesses solid expertise and extensive hands-on experience to help customers assess factors like building dimensions, existing lighting, energy goals, and budget in order to recommend ideal Hontech-Wins products.


4. How can LED Lights be used with dimmer controls?

Many of our LED lightings are dimmable using standard 0-10V dimming controls. The dimming function optimizes light levels for different times of day, seasons, or types of tasks and activities. Our technical team can advise on selecting compatible dimmer models to use with our LED lighting and ensure proper installation for dimmer capabilities.


5. Where can I find spec sheets and product information?

Spec sheets with detailed specifications and product information for all our lighting solutions can be found on our website or by contacting us. We are also happy to provide any additional details to help you make an informed selection.


6. Can LED lighting really save energy?

Absolutely! Upgrading to Hontech-Wins’ energy-efficient LED lighting can significantly reduce lighting energy consumption compared to traditional lighting. By cutting electricity costs, even more savings can be achieved.


7. What is the difference between T8 LED and T12 LED?

Hontech-wins’ T8 LED Poultry Light has a diameter of 26mm and a beam angle of 180°, while T12 LED Poultry Light has a diameter of 32mm and beam angles of 180°, 279°, and 360°. Both products offer dual-color lighting in white + blue and white + red spectrum. Compared to fluorescent lamps, both LED lighting options provide improved efficiency.


8. What does flicker-free mean?

Flicker-free means the LEDs have no visible flickering. This is important for animal health and comfort. Hontech-Wins LED lightings are flicker-free.


9. What is the best light for poultry, pig, and dairy?

Hontech-Wins offers LED lighting solutions tailored to the needs of specific agricultural facilities and animals:

  • For poultry houses, we recommend our T12 LED POULTRY LIGHT. The bright, dispersed light is ideal for broilers, layers, and breeders. The fixtures provide excellent uniformity and light distribution within the barn.
  • For pig farms, our T12 PIG FARM LIGHTING is a great choice. The directional lighting can be positioned over individual pens or rows of pigs. This LED lighting works well in farrowing, nursery, and finisher barns.  
  • For dairy barns, we often recommend IP67 iCOW T70 LED LIGHT for general illumination. Our products can provide overall brightness to illuminate every corner of the dairy barn. Meanwhile, we also consider parameters like light color temperature, illuminance, and lighting cycles of the LED fixtures to accommodate the growth cycle and increased production needs of dairy cows.


10. What are the benefits of LED lighting for my farm?

Benefits include energy savings, improved light quality, long service life, and enhanced control through dimming. This can support animal health, productivity, and your bottom line.


11. How long will LED lighting last?

With proper maintenance, Hontech-Wins LED lighting will provide up to 100,000 hours of use, lasting over a decade in most farm applications.


12. How easy is Hontech-Wins LED lighting to install?

Our LED lighting is designed for simple plug-and-play installation. We provide all necessary mounting hardware, and wiring is straightforward. Technical support is also available.


13. How much money will I save using your LEDs in my broiler house?

Actual savings depend on current lighting and energy costs. Our team can provide a facility assessment and savings estimate specific to your operation. Expect 50-70% reductions in lighting electricity costs.


14. What is the Warranty of Hontech-Wins’ product?

Hontech-Wins offers a 5-year warranty covering defects in materials and craftsmanship. We back the reliability of our LED lighting solutions.  


15. Can Hontech-Wins customize any lighting solution?

Yes, we regularly customize LED lighting plans to meet unique needs, whether retrofitting existing buildings or new construction. Contact us to discuss a tailored solution.

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